The ABCs of a #Bachelor Dating Strategy

The Bachelor is not only highly entertaining (for Bachelor Nation), but can be incredibly educational (for you). And this season will be the most dramatic... and educational... EVER!

Here are three takeaways from The Bachelor could help you find your person.

𝓐: Assess (make sure you read that right)

Figure out who you want to be with.

Dating a lot of people can help you assess and figure out what you want in a partner. Sometimes you'll be surprised by someone who doesn't fit your "type" and learn something new about yourself. Other times it may confirm why you are always drawn to a certain type of person. Either way, it's important to figure this out.

If you don't know who you want and why, you will waste a lot of time with people who aren't right, like Hannah B (kidding!).

𝓑: Brand

The Virgin (Colton). The Pilot (Peter). The Meathead (Chad).

Your brand may not always be who you actually are, but it's shorthand for how you're perceived.

You may know who you are, but when meeting someone for the first time what are they going to think of you? My guess is you made assumptions about the women the second you saw them come out to meet Peter. Everything becomes a part of your brand - from how you walk, talk, dress, eat, etc. Whether you like it or not, people draw conclusions and make assumptions.

This isn't a good thing or a bad thing, it's just a thing. Once you are aware of this, you are able to guide your brand perception. This doesn't mean you should change who you are, but there may be things you can do that will help communicate who you really are so you don't get labeled as something you aren't.

𝓒: Competition

This is a show built on competition, so what can you learn from people who seem to cry every week?

The women are competing against the other bachelorettes, but there are segments within the bachelorettes that create additional competition. Blondes may be competing with other blondes, flight attendants may be competing with other flight attendants, younger women may be competing with older women.

If we look broader than direct competitors, the bachelorettes are also competing against the clock. Peter's time is limited and anything that he spends time on takes away time that could be spent with them.

Given the finite time limit, these bachelorettes are working even harder and quicker to differentiate themselves from the competition and find a way to bond with Peter. This can create challenges for the women: is it better to get along with the other bachelorettes or focus solely on Peter? Is it better to interrupt another contestant to get time with Peter or not create extra drama? How do the women balance sharing who they are so he can get to know them with wanting to learn more about him to see where they might connect?

While you're eagerly watching and waiting to see who gets the final rose, think about what you can learn from these women. They may just help you get to paradise...and avoid Paradise.

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