What you can learn about dating by relaxing on the beach.

Everything you want that you achieve is because you created a strategy, even if you don’t realize it. Creating a strategy doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process. Sometimes a strategy is so baked in to what you’re doing you don’t even realize you have a strategy.

Think about this situation: you want to take a vacation next month.

Define your objective

Where are you going to go? Maybe you know you want to go somewhere warm with beautiful beaches. And maybe you want to stay in the US because your passport needs to be renewed (like mine). You have enough vacation days to go for a full week. You decide on Hawaii. Now you know your objective: “Spend a week on the beach in Hawaii next month."

Develop your strategy

Now that you know where you want to go and when you're going you need to figure out how you’re going to do it. If you've never been before you'll want to do a lot of research but if you're going next month you'll need to book your trip sooner rather than later. It will be quicker and easier to book everything at once through one channel. And while you don't know Hawaii, you know the beach is your top priority. So now you have your strategy: "Maximize beach time, minimize planning time."

Execute your tactics

Now you need to put your plan into action and figure out the specific steps you need to take. Those tactics could include: “visit expedia.com, select flights next month, select hotel closest to beach, request PTO, read travel articles on Hawaii and pack.”

Creating a dating strategy does not need to be a difficult process, but it does need to be a thoughtful one. Putting in a little more effort could be the difference between a road trip to the world's largest brick and a relaxing vacation on a beach in Hawaii.

And if you put that much effort into strategizing a vacation, shouldn’t you put at least that much effort into finding your dream relationship?

Bon voyage!

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