"There are too many fish in the sea!"

There are too many fish in the sea!

Online dating can be overwhelming. So many profiles, so many choices, so many messages, so many swipes. Is the right person hidden in that algorithm or one of the many faces in your online dating collage?

With so many people to choose from, and even more showing up tomorrow, and the next day and the next day how are you supposed to know who’s worth your time?

The only way is to clearly define your objective.

What do you really want? Why are you on a dating site or app? Are you looking to meet lots of new people and go out on a lot of dates? Are you looking for one person you can connect with on a deeper level? Or are you looking for something else?

Which sites you use and how you use them needs to be tailored to help you get what you want.

If you want to meet lots of people then your choice of sites/apps, photos, profile information and messages should be different than if you’re looking for one special person to connect with. How much you share, how much you hold back, how much you reach out all need to be designed around what you actually want to get out of the experience.

Clearly understanding your objectives will allow you to develop tactics that will help get whatever it is you want

Once you know what you want you won't be bothered by all the fish in the sea.

You'll just be focused on the fish that really matter to you.

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