"All the good ones are taken!"

All the good ones are taken! When you get frustrated it’s easy to feel that way, but if that were true then why are you still single?

Maybe it’s not that the good ones are taken, but the taken ones look good to you. The opportunity here is to figure out what makes them good ones so you are able to find a good one for yourself.

What do you find so appealing about them? Are they confident? Are they affectionate? Do you appreciate their commitment to the relationship?

Understanding your audience is key to being able to connect with them. And that’s what leads to success.

But there are two sides to the equation and you need to look at yourself as well.

Consider whether you act differently around someone who is taken. Are you more relaxed? Are you more open and honest? Do you discuss different topics than you would on a date? Are you more present?

By taking an internal audit to learn more about yourself and by better defining your target audience you will be able to discover where those two things overlap.

And once you’ve done this and met your person, someone speaking to you will wonder why all the good ones are taken.

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