"I’m not willing to settle!"

"I know who I want and I’m not willing to settle! He’s got a great sense of humor, is well-educated, over six feet tall, dark hair, blue eyes, loves kids and pets, has a great job, likes going out to eat and to the theater, likes music and going to concerts, is active and in good shape, likes hiking and working out, holds the door for me, is a great cook, is a cuddler…"

For Apple, we also knew a laundry list of details that made up our current Apple purchaser. Age, gender, county size, household income, number of kids, technology habits, activities, what they read, watched and listened to, etc. But we didn’t build our target audience around those details. We needed to find what connected all those people, who they were at their core (no pun intended). We built a single profile based on their attitudes, the “Think Different” target audience profile. That got to who they really were and allowed us to connect with them on an emotional level.

When my wife and I first met she thought she knew exactly what her type was, and it definitely wasn’t me. However, after we met she started thinking more about what really mattered to her in a relationship and in a partner.

She wanted him to have a great job, but maybe it was more important that he was the kind of man who was a hard worker and wanted to succeed. That’s what she respected in her father and her friends. Maybe he didn’t need to look exactly the way she described, maybe she could loosen those restrictions and have him be someone she found attractive. Maybe he didn’t need to go to church regularly but could believe in something greater than ourselves.

I’m thankful that she took the time to consider what really matters to her and didn’t limit herself to what she thought she knew. It forever changed both our lives for the better.

It’s great if you think you know what you want. However, you need to take that list, boil it down and prioritize it. You need to figure out WHO you really want, not WHAT you really want. And then you shouldn't settle.

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