"Dating is so frustrating!"

“Dating is so frustrating!”

Sometimes it can feel pointless to even try dating anymore. You get excited, it fails, you try again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Often this frustration is because your commitment and your objective aren’t aligned. In other words, what you want doesn’t match the effort you’re putting in.

Imagine if you wanted to lose 20 pounds but you didn’t want to change your diet or exercise. Chances are you won’t lose the weight and you’ll get frustrated.

Consider these questions to determine your commitment level:

  1. What do you currently spend your time and energy on?

  2. How important is dating or a relationship on that list?

  3. What are you willing to sacrifice from that list?

After considering those questions there are two approaches you can take to make dating more successful. You can find a way to put in more effort to reach your goal or you can change your goal to match your effort.

Once your commitment and objective are aligned, and you’re putting in the effort it takes to reach your goal, you’ll be a lot less frustrated and find it’s a lot easier to get what you want.

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