The COST Of Your Dream Relationship

Strategy For Dating takes the proven method of strategic planning and applies it to dating. 


How much will you sacrifice?

Success takes dedication. The bigger your goal, the more time and energy you need to commit to be successful. They key is to be honest with yourself about how much you can commit and then build a plan around that commitment level so you can avoid frustration and increase your odds of succeeding. How much of a priority is your dream relationship? How much effort are you putting into dating? Is the priority and effort aligned?


What do you want?


SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based) allow companies to define their goals and that same approach can help you figure out what you want. What exactly are you looking for? What kind of relationship and with what kind of person? How will you know you're not settling? Are you limiting yourself? Do you actually desire more than you think? Are you setting your expectations too high? Are you able to put in the effort required to be successful? When do you want this? How does that impact your goal and effort? Once you clearly understand what you want you can develop a plan to make it happen!


How can you get what you want?

What’s the right path to make your dream relationship come true? A strategy is the plan that takes from where you are today to where you want to be. It’s how you meet your objectives. There isn’t one single strategy that will work for every different person. Each strategy will be unique because every situation is different. Your strategy should be built around you and your needs to help you get what you want. The strategic process will build that roadmap based on an Internal Audit (who you are and what you offer), a Target Audience Definition (who you want and what they value) and a Competitive Assessment (what is in your way and how to get around it). 


What should you do?

Tactics are the specific actions and steps you take to reach your goal and make your dream come true. Your tactics need to follow your strategy to ensure you stay on the right path. No matter how great your plan is, you need to execute properly to see results. The tactics should be measurable to you can hold yourself accountable and track your progress. 

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