Suffer from dating burnout?

Worry that you'll never find your person?

Keep waiting and hoping something will happen?

Look at other couples and wonder why that can't be you?
Want to understand why things aren't working and how to fix them?


Following an easy, step-by-step blueprint to get what you want.

Proactively taking steps to make your dream relationship real.

Having more good dates and wasting less time on bad dates.

Being happier than you ever thought was possible.

Spending the rest of your life with your person.



Strategy for Dating is based on my 20 years experience helping some of the world's top brands reach their business goals.

This experience includes media strategy for Apple, mobile strategy for Target, digital strategy for Pepsi and social strategy for the US Army.  

And now you can learn how to use that same tested and proven strategic process to reach your relationship goals.

It starts with understanding the steps to get your dream relationship: 

Objective: define what you want

Strategy: plan how to get what you want

Tactics: put your plan into action

Downloading this free roadmap is the first step in understanding how you can take control of your dating life and find your dream relationship!

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